Head of Product Management - Berlin

21.November 2012

Head of Product Management - Berlin

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HEAD of Product Management - Berlin (f/m) - fluent german and english

Big data and individual consumer targeting will be one of the hottest markets to work in for the next decade to come.

A team of talented econometricians has devolped the worlds most advanced mass marketing customization engine which is being integrated in the systems of Germany's leading retailers. With the engine retailers can give consumers exactly the product at the prices they want to pay. Within in the next years we will build a new approach to promotions in the consumer goods world.


You can be part of it and build as the head of product a best-in-class
consumer application (web/mobile/print) which delivers the promotions to the consumer and makes their shopping experience greater and easier than ever before. With your team of skilled designer and programmers you can use all
your talents to revolutionize the consumers’ shopping behaviour in consumer good markets.

Ihre Stärken:

Your skills:

• Deep knowledge of user interface design
• Practical knowledge of standard mobile and web technologies
• Successful consumer application development in the past
• An inspiring and smart personality to lead a team
• Structured working style and project management skills

Your tasks:

While the company takes care of business, the data as well as the analytics, you and a team of designers and programmers will create the world’s best shopping list applications with an ecosystem of third party apps. You will set a new standard of “smartness” for the way people shop every day, make their lives easier and give them back a great shopping experience when shopping was all about a 1:1 relationship between a salesman and a customer. Together you will do what all other approaches were not able to do: end the era of 30-page
non-personalized supermarket leaflets which spam the mailboxes of millions around the globe.

Zusätzliche Informationen:


• a great, great Job
• a very great salary
• a burning team and a great work environment

We are waiting for your description. Show us that you are the right person for this job and this company (for sure we will tell you who it is when we have your great skills).

Show us that you can live and think between glourious brain and leasure life. Work hard, play hard.Feel welcome.

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